Disc Golf World Championships in York County

YORK COUNTY – Amateur disc golfers have come from all over the world for the 2019 Amateur Disc Golf World Championships at Heritage Hills Golf Resort.  Over 700 players from 11 different countries are competing for one of the 11 world championship titles.

Heritage Hills is one of the more challenging courses these disc golfers have seen and that's putting extra emphasis on the strategy involved for each throw.

"They're carrying 15 to 20 different discs that go left, right, straight," explained Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) Events Manager Shawn Sinclair. "We've got low speed discs, high speed discs and when you're on a more open course like this, the disc can get away from you real quickly."

Just like golf balls, discs are lost in water hazards and around 100 were all wet after two of the four competition rounds.  The semfinals and final are on Saturday at Heritage Hills.

More information on the event and sport can be found at https://www.pdga.com/.


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