Police: Lancaster County woman charged with child abuse; tried to blame baby’s injuries on 3-year-old son

LANCASTER COUNTY — A 19-year-old Warwick Township woman has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child after police and medical examiners did not buy her story that the broken leg and other injuries suffered by her five-month-old infant were caused by her three-year-old son, according to Northern Lancaster County Regional Police.

Alicya Bingham, of the 2000 block of Main St., Lititz, initially blamed the infant’s injury on her child, saying the boy had dropped the infant. But in a follow-up interview, she told police that “something might have happened when she was sleep-deprived,” but that she didn’t remember, the criminal complaint affidavit states.

A medical examiner at Penn State Children’s Hospital in Hershey, who specializes in child abuse, diagnosed the victim with a broken right femur, a two- to four-week-old shin fracture, and four buckle fractures to his knees. The medical examiner told police that the injuries “would have to have been caused by a twisting motion from an adult-strength person” and “could not have been caused by a three-year-old dropping the infant,” the complaint says.

The three-year-old was interviewed by a member of the Lancaster County Children’s Alliance, and stated that he did not pick the infant up or cause any injury to him, police say.

Bingham and the child’s father took the infant to UMPC Hospital in Lititz for treatment on March 3, police say. The child was diagnosed with a broken femur, a bruised eye, dehydration, and a fever. The child was transferred to the Penn State Children’s Hospital in Hershey due to the severity of his injuries, police say.

Both of the infant’s parents told doctors that the three-year-old picked up the baby and dropped him, causing the injuries, police say. Police interviewed them “several times,” according to the complaint, and they both admitted that the child was solely in their care when the injuries occurred. They told police that the baby was fine when Bingham left for work shortly after midnight. The child’s father told police he put the baby in a bouncing chair early that morning, and was asleep when Bingham returned from work at 9:15 a.m.

Bingham said she discovered the injuries when she changed the baby’s diaper and took him to the hospital immediately after.

UMPC records indicate the baby arrived at the hospital at 11:56 a.m., the complaint states.

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