Protesters demand justice after inmate dies at Dauphin County Prison

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. -- The recent death of a Dauphin County inmate, 21-year-old Tyrique Riley has set protests in motion.

On Saturday, protestors lined up outside of Dauphin county prison to end abuse in the prison -- and demand justice for Riley and his family.

Riley became unconscious after a struggle with prison guards. His family was not immediately notified and he later died. .

Protestors said they want to expose what they say are inhumane conditions at Dauphin County Prison.

Some told FOX43 they have personally suffered abuse at the hands of prison guards. Family members of those incarcerated also came to show their support.

Event organizer, Kevin Maxson with “Voices 4 The Voiceless” says he knows from personal experience what it’s like to be mistreated. He says with the recent events, like Tyrique Riley’s death, he’d like to see something done about it. He and other protestors are aiming to get the attention of commissioners.

Voter registration forms were handed out encouraging protesters to register to vote and people were also encouraged to provide signatures in petition for change.

Maxson says he is also documenting peoples experiences and plans on filing a class action lawsuit.

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