Couple finds gun on roof near crime scene; Lancaster Police investigate shooting

LANCASTER, Pa. -- Police in Lancaster are searching for the person who shot a man in the upper leg Sunday afternoon.

They say it happened shortly before 1 p.m. on Filbert Street.

A neighbor may have found a key piece of evidence for detectives.

It's a normal reaction; people hear sirens, and they walk outside their homes to investigate.

That's exactly what Jenn Chastain and her husband did.

What may not be so normal is what the couple says they saw on the roof next to their apartment on South Mary Street.

"I just heard 'pop pop!'" explained David, who did not want to be on camera.

"I just kind of see this and a bunch of police in front of the house and tape, and they were saying it was a shooting," said Adrian Perez, a neighbor. "It just brings a little bit of nervous in my *pounds chest*, cause one day I could be riding my bike cause I'm always riding and someone could just shoot me."

Police focused a large part of their investigation on Campbell Avenue; they found a gun on a storage shed rooftop on South Mary Street, all thanks to a concerned neighbor.

"It was scary," explained Jenn Chastain, who lives on South Mary Street. "We came out to find out what was going on, and my husband actually looked over and discovered it and was like, 'gun!' and I was like 'oh!', and my anxiety just started going through the roof. I was terrified," explained Chastain.

The questions came as soon as the Chastains found detectives.

"They were asking if we saw anyone running from the scene and anything like that," she added.

An officer retrieved the weapon and another took photos of the evidence.

"I've been living here my whole life; I've been biking for a long time, and it just brings me more awareness to my surroundings," added Perez.

"It could be anyone. Luckily, it wasn't any of us cause my landlord and family live right there, literally across the road from where it happened," added Chastain.

For some, the violence is yet another painful reminder.

"It's Lancaster; it's the city. You try to used to it, but you can never really get used to it," stated Chastain.

Detectives say the victim is going to be okay.

Police have not yet released any information on a potential suspect or a motive.

They do say people who live in the area are safe.

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