FOX43 Finds Out: People are traveling to the Dominican Republic again

A recent report finds people are taking off to the Dominican Republic again.

Forward Keys studies flight bookings and has found flight bookings to the DR are getting back to normal.

The report shows a slump in late June and early July, which was about the time reports surfaced of Americans dying in the county.

AAA of Southern Pennsylvania has seen a lot of people switch their itineraries.

"We've seen about half of them want to change their plans. So about half of them have kept their planned trips to the Dominican Republic and some half changed to a different destination like Mexico or Jamaica. We've only had one client cancel completely," said Rebecca Lowthert, the marketing manager AAA southern Pennsylvania.

The Dominican Republic Tourism Ministry is trying to ease fears of people traveling to the country by updating some safety policies.

Moving forward hotels will be inspected 4 times a year, that will include food and beverage reports.

Up until now, they were inspected twice a year.

Every hotel in the country will also need to post emergency information in each room.

That will include embassy contacts, the tourism police force and local 911.

People who work at hotel medical centers will be checked for licensing requirements and training.

AAA has a message for people who decide to travel to the Dominican this summer.

"Travel is a personal decision and it`s up to the individual to really make their own informed decisions on travel, however regardless of where you`re traveling, no matter the destination, we recommend that travelers always still vigilant and informed of what`s happening around them and in the area that they`re traveling too," said Lowthert.

There is still a team of FBI investigators looking into how those 10 Americans died in the Dominican Republic.

The US Department of State says toxicology tests are taking longer than anticipated, so no results from the f-b-i have been released yet.

Though Dominican Republic authorities maintain that their own investigations revealed the Americans died from natural causes.

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