AED helps save East Pennsboro mom’s life

EAST PENNSBORO TOWNSHIP, Cumberland County -- Sudden Cardiac Arrest can happen at any given moment, without warning.

Five years ago, the Peyton Walker Foundation was founded by a family who lost their own daughter to cardiac arrest. The foundation raises awareness and funds for proper equipment, so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

East Pennsboro Little League players had the opportunity to take off their gloves and learn how to use an Automative External Defibrillator (AED).

Tyler Comb, manager for East Pennsboro Little League says, “Every life that the Peyton Walker Foundation can help save is very import to us."

Since it's existence, the foundation has donated over 100 AED's, including the one, that most recently, helped save an East Pennsboro morther's life.

In the middle of a tournament Saturday in Dillsburg. East Pennsboro hit a 3-run home run. That’s when the East Pennsboro mom, walked over to congratulate the team. Before getting to the dugout, she collapsed.

Thanks to the AED, she’s still alive and recovering.

Luckily enough, that field was equipped with an AED donated by the foundation.

Less than a week later, an AED was donated to East Pennsboro Little League by the foundation.

“Having them at the fields, at every field is really essential but having people like Matt (Pearson), having a team that knows how to use them. You need it. It’s critical," said Sue Bruce of Dillsburg who helped save the mothers life.

But, she wasn't alone. The Panthers had a coach on third base hear the screams for help and also rushed over.

“It’s one of those skills that if you just practice it once in a while and you become comfortable with it, can definitely make a difference," said Pearson.

The foundation started a fund to raise money to put more AED's in more facilities.


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