Authorities warn of fake prescription pills in Central Pennsylvania that have been linked to overdose deaths

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa.-- Police are warning residents of fake prescription pills that have appeared in Central Pennsylvania and also been linked to four overdose deaths in California.

According to police, the fake prescription pills appear to be Oxycodone or Percocet, but are actually pressed fentanyl tablets.


The DEA warns that some of the pills may contain carfentanil, an even stronger version of fentanyl.

The blue circular pills stamped "M 30" that are pictured above were responsible for at least four deaths in a day in California, according to authorities.

Investigators warn that a single pill could be deadly, and similar pills have turned up in Lancaster County, beginning more than a year ago.

Authorities say that a similar pill was involved in felony charges filed in May in connection to a Warwick Township man's death and at least one other pending death investigation.

Along with the recent California incidents, police say the pills have turned up across the country in notable cases in New York, Arizona, and Indianapolis.

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