Pennsylvania E-ZPass customers may be paying extra in V-Toll’s while traveling on the turnpike

PENNSYLVANIA -- E-ZPass has been around for almost two decades, however with technology continuing to grow, so is the way the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission handles its penalties.

V-Toll is a fee some never knew existed. It is a $10 charge that is automatically taken from E-ZPass customer accounts when the device, also known as  a ‘Transponder’ doesn’t register when passing through a toll booth.

The fee went up $5 from 2018.

One of the biggest issues turnpike officials say they are seeing is improper mounting.

“If you have it in your glove box and if you take it out as you are approaching the interchange and you start waiving it around that’s not going to do the trick," said Rosanne Placey, spokesperson for PA Turnpike Commission.

Placey says that is where the “V” in “V-Toll” comes from -- referring to video.

“The way that we track you down is is through reviewing video and then charging you $10," added Placey.

However, the problem people are noticing is that there is no way of knowing you have been charged the $10 -- unless you regularly check how much money is being taken from your ez-pass account.

"I honestly don’t think you should have to pay any kind of fines," said Josh Updike of Dillsburg.

Driving through a Pennsylvania Turnpike toll plaza — take notice there may no longer be light devices turning from red to green indicating your E-ZPass went through.

Turnpike officials say drivers shouldn’t wait for that prompt.

“Those prompts are no longer necessary and not to mention they are unsafe," said Placey.

Federal guidelines now prohibiting the E-ZPass lights.

“As we improve and upgrade our roads they will be removed because we have to," added Placey.

While the fee may come as a reminder to safely mount the devices -- some say they’d like to see things done better.

"I had no idea whether or not it was taken or not I haven’t gotten any bills but I think they should have kept them," added Updike.

“The user has some responsibility but also the turnpike commission has some responsibility that they have their equipment working properly," said John Kyle.

Turnpike officials say if you have an E-ZPass make sure you are regularly checking your account for extra charges to make sure your device isn’t having any issues.

As a one-time courtesy, the turnpike will adjust V-Toll charges within 90 days of the date of a charge if the customer calls the service center.

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