‘Psychopath’ wanted by police in York; detectives search for leads in 2 shootings

YORK, Pa. -- A violent summer continues in York.

Police investigate a deadly shooting early Wednesday morning and another shooting Wednesday night.

A spokesman for the police department tells FOX43 because of the timing of the shootings, early morning and at night, witnesses are few and far between.

The first, a shooting on North Sherman Street, left 39-year-old Moses Coleman dead and 41-year-old Elton Williams in critical condition at York Hospital.

Evidence markings indicate the second shooting Wednesday night.

Police say 21-year-old Raeshawn Michael was shot twice on South Duke Street.

Neighbors refused to talk out of fear for their safety and told FOX43 we better leave.

"Get out, if they tell you to leave, leave. You know, don’t ask no questions," said Robert Mosley, who lives a few blocks away from South Duke Street. “It’s getting worse and worse. It’s like the big cities now. We’re big big as far as killing. All we do is shoot.”

There have been several shootings in the city this summer, and Khalic 'Buddah' Cross is believed to be involved in eight out of 10 from June and July.

That's according to York Mayor Michael Helfrich who spoke passionately about it all in his Monday message on Facebook.

"I normally don’t do this because I don’t like to give time to somebody, at this point, I consider a psychopath, somebody running around hurting people in the City of York," said Mayor Helfrich. "We have got to, got to, got to get him off the streets," added Helfrich.

With the information they have right now, police say there is no way to tie Cross to Wednesday’s violence or speculate on his involvement.

Police say they do not have anyone in custody for either of the shootings Wednesday, and they don’t know why Micheal was targeted.

As for the comments made by the mayor on Cross, police tell FOX43 it would be unfair to say he was involved with those 8 shooting incidents until officers have him in cuffs.

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