Kittens abandoned outside of Lancaster County animal shelter, moved to foster homes

MANOR TOWNSHIP, Pa. --- Staff members at the Pet Pantry of Lancaster County were left with an unexpected and unfortunate delivery on Wednesday.

Dr. Brenda Fijalkowski, rescue director with the Pet Pantry of Lancaster County, said a woman came into the building looking to give the kittens to the shelter.

Dr. Fijalkowski said they do not do open admission, due to a limited amount of space in the facility.

After telling the woman she'd be placed on a wait-list, Dr. Fijalkowski said the woman became upset and left with the kittens.

A few minutes later, a client came in and told staff the kittens were left behind, outside the building.

“Had it been longer or...weren't open or something, the kittens could’ve probably suffered a heat stroke or every gotten out of their box and wandered into traffic,” said Dr. Fijalkowski.

She explained that since the kittens are only five weeks old, they must be sent to foster homes.

All seven of the kittens were delivered to volunteer foster homes on Friday.

The reason being, Dr. Fijalkowski says, is there immune systems aren't strong enough, leaving them susceptible to illnesses brought into the shelter by other cats.

She said this action is not only a burden on people already on the wait-list, leaving them having to wait longer, but also on the shelter's current residents.

“The cats that are relinquished to us that are grown up get overlooked because everyone’s looking at the kittens. So their length of stay is also increased,” said Dr. Fijalkowski.

Not only does the act cause a burden, Dr. Fijalkowski said animal abandonment is illegal, no matter where the animal is left behind.

“They’re not trash and they can’t be dumped. They’re a living being," said Dr. Fijalkowski.

Pet Pantry officials say this incident has been reported to a humane officer and say it is "being taken care of."

Dr. Fijalkowski said the kittens will remain in foster homes for the next three weeks.

With good health, they will receive all the necessary treatments and be ready for adoption in about one month.

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