Now hiring: York City Police looking to add more diversity to its ranks

YORK, Pa. -- Take a walk along South George Street in York; you will notice a whole lot of people from all walks of life.

City officials believe the York City Police Department should reflect that.

"People want to see officers that look, like them, that speak like them," explained Mayor Michael Helfrich of York.

York City Police Chief Troy Bankert says he would like to add more women and people of color to the force to better represent the people of York.

"It is that instant report," explained Chief Bankert. "You feel more comfortable coming up to them. You sometimes, people are reluctant to speak with police officers because of the authority."

To increase applicants, Chief Troy Bankert says the department has begun recruiting year round, and the York City School District is holding a public safety academy where it prepares high school students for a potential career in the fire service or in policing.

"Once they turn 21, if they already gained the knowledge in school, they'll be able to come to us and apply," explained Helfrich.

"We train everybody, so we send you to the academy, you get your full salary. We totally, completely equip you. We give you your field training, so we do not require anything other than you being willing," added Bankert.

According to Bankert, that will to serve can bring new officers a salary upwards of $50,000 right from the start.

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