Investigators seek answers 30 years after Tracy Kroh’s disappearance

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. --- The question of what happened to Tracy Kroh remains on the minds of investigators 30 years after her disappearance.

Kroh, 17, of Millersburg, was last seen on August 5, 1989 at a trailer park in Halifax when she was trying to visit her sister and brother-in-law.

After dropping off a barbecue grill and some grocery store coupons, investigators say she never made it home.

Dauphin County Attorney General Fran Chardo said he's been involved in Kroh's case for 20 years.

He said the lack of answers, including no suspects charges and the whereabouts of her body unknown "haunts" him.

“There’s something about that lack of finality that is haunting for a family,” said Chardo.

Kroh's car, a 1971 Mercury Comet, was found in Millersburg square the night after her last sighting.

Part of her wallet, including her driver's license and National Honor Society card, were found in an area along Wiconisco Creek, off Rakers Mill Road, in Washington Township, which is approximately nine miles from Millersburg.

In 2014, Dauphin County investigators said the 17-year old was seen using a public telephone off Millersburg Square before her disappearance.

This summer, the investigation into Tracy Kroh's cold case has apparently heated up.

In May, investigators spent several days searching a rural property near Middle Road in Halifax Township.

In July, another search happened at a property on Mountain House Road in Jackson Township.

Chardo said both searches were connected to Tracy Kroh's case.

“I can tell a lot of our efforts are not in the public eye, it just happens that, recently, a lot of it has occurred more openly," said Chardo.

Chardo said conversations with people who've been previously interviewed over the last 30 years are now reinvigorating the case.

“It’s amazing how the passage of time, people who thought that they wouldn’t say anything are willing to open up when reproached after time...It’s never too late to do the right thing. People who had refused to give information before are being re-approached and asked to do the right thing," said Chardo.

Chardo said Tracy Kroh's case is being treated like a homicide case because the "passage of time" without any contact or sightings of Kroh can be used as a fact in a potential homicide trial.

Pennsylvania State Police are leading the investigators in this case.

Chardo said they need anyone who knows something about Tracy to come forward.

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