Six shootings recorded in 48-hour period in Harrisburg

HARRISBURG, Pa. - A weekend of violence in Harrisburg. Six shootings happened in 48 hours killing one person and hurting five others.

Harrisburg Police Sgt. Kyle Gautsch says shootings began Friday and continued through early Sunday morning:

  • 1st block of North Summit Street
  • North 18th & Park Streets
  • 300 block of South 13th Street
  • 1900 State Street
  • 300 block of Herr Street
  • Radnor Street in uptown Harrisburg

Harrisburg Police do not believe the shootings were gang or drug related but say, they believe they were targeted attacks where the victims knew the perpetrator. Police Commissioner Thomas Carter is now calling on parents to step up and instill in their children this is no way to act.

"Violence gets them no where," said Commissioner Carter. "Owning guns at such a young age when you're not legally license will get you no where. We need more partnership among parents."

A Harrisburg group called Breaking the Chainz focuses on preventing violence in the city. Community ambassador Ralph Rodriguez says they will not change their approach but will be more deliberate with their message. Rodriguez says the group will remind people there are resources available so they don't turn to violence during a time of desperation.

"Now it seems like the message needs to reach a further audience," said Rodriguez. "And it needs to be more stern in our approach."

More information on Breaking the Chainz and the resources they provide can be found here. 

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