Warning: ‘Abnormal reading’ in water supply at Carlisle Barracks, people told not to use water

UPDATE, 4:15 p.m.: While the gates remain open, all facilities at the United States Army War College Carlisle Barracks are closed.

The Pennsylvania Department Of Environmental Protection told roughly 1,700 people who live at the barracks not to use any water.

The Carlisle Barracks Fire Department detected an abnormal gas reading in the barrack's water supply.

That put access to toilets, showers, and sinks on hold for the time being.

"Their guidance to us with the no use will keep our families safe so they are safe in their homes as long as they are not turning on the water so we are not concerned," said Lt. Col. Courtney Short, Garrison Commander Carlisle Barracks.

Some people who passed through the area are thankful it didn't happen to them.

"What do you do without water? We're 70 percent water. I drink almost a gallon a day," said Julie Schenck. "Oh my God. That'd be awful. I guess I would try to find somebody close by and hang out there and try to bathe."

"I wouldn't be very happy about that. A nice shower is refreshing after work." said Greg Dorang.

According to a Facebook post from Lt. Col. Short, the DEP put the order in place to prevent residual gas build-up releasing from the water lines.

The DEP is also testing water samples from around the installation.

Bottled water and port-a-potties are available for people living on the barracks until the problem is fixed.

"I live here too on the installation. My house is one of the ones hit last night on the meter for the gas and the house so I understand how they are feeling as well, and I am with them through every step of it!" added Short.

Previous Information

The Department of Environmental Protection issued the following statement about the incident:

"Early this morning, The Carlisle Barracks Fire Department responded to a report of a strange odor in a residence at the installation. The fire department suspected the odor was associated with the water supply. The barracks operates its own public water system. DEP was notified and sent personnel to investigate. Samples are being taken and sent to the DEP laboratory for analysis. The system has been placed on a Do Not Use Advisory. The advisory affects 300 connections with a population of 1,700 at the barracks, not the general public."

NORTH MIDDLETON TOWNSHIP, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa.-- A warning has been issued for those at the Carlisle Barracks of the U.S. Army War College to not use any water.

According to the Carlisle Barracks MFW Facebook page, the Carlisle Barracks Fire Department detected and abnormal reading in the Barracks' water supply.

Here is the text of the full post:

UPDATE: On Aug. 5, 2019, the Carlisle Barracks Fire Department detected and abnormal reading in the Barracks’ water supply.

As a precaution, a “DO NOT USE” order is in place and all facilities are closed.

Until further notice DO NOT USE water in any means.

The Post remains open, and until further notice Gates will remain open 24 hours to facilitate easy access to Post.

A drinking water distribution sight is being established at the Post Commissary for all residents of Carlisle Barracks. An announcement will be made when it is operational.

Porta-Potties are being delivered and placed around Post.

The Army Heritage and Education Center will remain open and restroom facilities made available to residents. The AHEC is on a separate water source from the main instillation.

DO NOT USE includes but is not limited to:
- flushing of toilets
- Washing hands or using sinks
- Showers and bath tubs
- Use of ice or ice makers
- Laundry and washing machines
- Dishwashers
- Watering lawns and washing vehicles

The Post is open, but all facilities are closed, and non-essential personnel have been dismissed.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is investigating.

Follow Facebook or call 717-245-3700 for more updates.

More information will be provided as it becomes available.

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