Former COO of group home allegedly increased her salary without permission while employed there

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. — The former Chief Operations Officer of Faithful Homes LLC, a group home provider for adults with intellectual disabilities, is accused of increasing her salary while she was employed there.

Courtney Morrison, 33, was hired on June 1, 2018 as the COO — her responsibilities included managing payroll for the employees and day-to-day operations of the company — with a set salary of $84,999.98.

On three occasions, she entered the company’s payroll account and allegedly increased that amount: February 8 – $84,999.98 to $95,000.10, March 22 – $95,000.10 to $99,999.96 and April 5 – $99,999.96 to $104,999.96.

Morrison was confronted about the increased and advised that her salary was $105,000 and that she was the one who processed the paychecks, according to charging documents. She was unable to give an explanation as to why her salary increased.

The owner of Faithful Homes LLC reported that a direct deposit form was completed by Morrison but was discovered to be missing after she was fired.

Police issued a search warrant for Morrison’s records at Fulton Bank and found that there were six base pay overpayments and two retirement match overpayments, charging documents say.

Charging documents state that the salary increase paid to Morrison after taxes and deductions totaled $3,596.16, which she owes to the company.

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