Electronic license plates installed on PennDOT vehicles as part of test program

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa.-- Electronic license plates have been installed on 20 PennDOT vehicles as part of a pilot program across the state.

The plates were given to PennDOT by a company named Reviver, which specializes in the technology.  At this time, the state has no plans to make the electronic plates available at PennDOT.

The plates run between $300-$500. PennDOT told FOX43 if electronic plates are offered to drivers in the future, the plates would not become mandatory.

The electronic license plates can be customized through an app with features that include Amber and weather alerts along with mileage tracking. The plates are also capable of handling tolling.  However, PennDOT emphasizes at this time there is no plan to replace E-ZPass technology.

The pilot program began in Pennsylvania in July. After the program is over, any decisions over the use of electronic license plates would be decided by the state.

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