PennDOT sets its eyes on Lancaster County; major roadway project in the works

MANHEIM TOWNSHIP, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. -- Where Routes 222 and 30 meet in Lancaster county can get quite busy.

Approximately 30,000 drivers use it every day, according to PennDOT.

"The congestion is just terrible in this area," explained Mike Crochunis from PennDOT.
Drivers know the congestion only gets worse during the early morning and evening commutes.
"I definitely get angry, but not too much!" said Zach Rice, who lives in Lititz.
"I'm a college student; I'm still care free, thank goodness. So I'm never in a rush," said Troy Strickland, who goes to F&M College in Lancaster.
There is a plan to make it better.
PennDOT is looking to repurpose the grassy median on Route 222.
It plans to an additional lane in each direction which would make 222 a 6 lane highway, beginning near the Route 30 interchange to just south of the Landis Valley Road overpass.
PennDOT's plans also call for building another lane on the Route 30 west on-ramp.
"Your daily commute is really bogged down within that interchange and delays as well as safety issues of course with vehicles stacking up onto of course onto main line traffic," explained Crochunis.
The price tag - about $40 million.
"I think it would be a pretty good idea. May take a little while with construction, but six lanes would give us a lot of space," added Strickland.
Besides the above work mentioned, PennDOT will make other ramp improvements, according to documents FOX43 obtained.
  • Work will take place on all the Route 222 ramps within the interchange and along Route 30 eastbound and westbound in the lane change (weave) areas with the intent to relieve traffic congestion entering and exiting the ramps and improve the weaving movements along Route 30.
  • Route 222 southbound ramp to Route 30 westbound: Will construct a second ramp lane, making this ramp a “Two-lane” exit ramp. The new ramp lane will end and tie into the existing Oregon Pike north exit ramp.
  • Route 30 westbound: Will add a new third lane on Route 30 from the Route 30 westbound ramp to Route 222 northbound and carry this lane to the existing Route 30 westbound third lane approaching Oregon Pike.
  • Route 30 eastbound ramp to Route 222 northbound: Will construct a second ramp lane, making this ramp a “Two-lane” exit ramp. The new ramp lane will start at the Route 30 exit gore area, tying into the existing Route 30 travel lane (right lane). This will give drivers using the right lane of Route 30 eastbound the option to continue on Route 30 east or exit to Route 222 north.
  • Ramp from Chester Road to Route 30 eastbound: Will lengthen the existing two-lane to one-lane merge.
  • Bridges carrying Route 222 over Route 30 will be replaced.
  • Eden Road bridge over Route 222 will remain in place.
  • Will lower Route 222 under the bridge to achieve 16.5’ clearance to bottom of bridge beams.
  • Full reconstruction of the roadway and shoulders
  • Sound Walls
  • Storm Water Basins
PennDOT officials say space is key when it comes to keeping drivers safe.
PennDOT wants to hear what you think about this project; a meeting is set for September 25 from 6-8 p.m. at Nitrauer Elementary School, at 811 Ashbourne Avenue in Lancaster.
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