Pennsylvania House Democrats call for special session on gun safety

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Democrats in the State House are pushing to pass gun safety legislation as soon as possible. They are calling on Governor Wolf to call a special session to get it done.

The call comes days after two mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. Pennsylvania Democrats say enough is enough.

"Thoughts and prayers have only gotten us so far," said State Rep. Kevin Boyle. "And it's really gotten us no where."

House Democrats say they would start with universal background checks and requiring stolen or lost guns be reported to law enforcement. Those two issues, they believe would have enough bipartisan support to pass. However, it's unclear if those issues would have support by House Republicans. Caucus spokesman Mike Straub tells FOX43:

The solemn events of the past week are devastating for all of us. We will continue to carefully examine what is causing these tragedies within our society, and how we are addressing the most dangerous and mentally ill members of our communities.Whether in a special or, regular session, our members are working to find an answer to ending horrific acts of violence while recognizing there are millions upon millions of Pennsylvanians who responsibly and legally own firearms.

At 717 Armory in Dauphin County, owner Patrick Connaghan believes most laws being pushed for gun safety will only punish law abiding citizens. Instead, he feels the focus needs to be on mental health.

"You know what we should be looking at is how do we identify people, how do we not infringe on the constitutional rights," said Connaghan. "But more importantly how do we get them help."

It is unclear if Governor Wolf will call a special session.

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