Firefighters save special item for couple who lost everything

You can never prepare to be shaken awake in the middle of the night with the news that your home is burning down. That’s what happened to one couple who is getting married in about two months.

The Omaha Fire Department says a unit in the building caught fire after smoking materials were discarded on a balcony.

Jordan Hollingsworth, his fiance and their one-year-old child made it out safely but worried about items still inside.

“So we have a wedding about two-and-a-half months away. The wedding dress and rest of our wedding stuff…some of our wedding stuff, not all of it. There’s some back home but some of our wedding stuff was in the building when the fire was going on. I asked the firefighter if he can go get some of it and he went and got it. He got the wedding dress and was able to save that and we got the rest of our wedding stuff out.”

Their apartment unit was declared a total loss but with the help of the fire department, they were able to save some very important items.

“It’s a big day for them, you know so if we can do something else on top of it, it’s no different when we go and save the animals. Dogs, cats and something like that. It’s no different…it’s somebody’s valuables and it’s going to be extremely important to that individual the next day or two. So if we can help, we’ll do whatever we can,” says Omaha Assistant Chief Joe Salcedo.

As far as fresh starts go, the couple says they have to find a place to stay and try to pick up some extra work hours but are hopeful things will be okay in time for their wedding.

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