Red-bellied Parrot named Tiki missing in Swatara Township

SWATARA TOWNSHIP, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa.-- For more than a week, an 88-year-old woman has been missing her pet. Now time is ticking to find it.

"She's a pest I'll tell ya," Liz DiOrazio said. "Oh I could tell you good stories about her."

DiOrazio is doing her best to stay positive.

"Oh yeah, no matter where I go I'm looking at the trees," DiOrazio said. "People think I'm crazy because I'm always looking up to see if maybe I could see her. But she's so hard to see because she blends in with the tree."

She's not looking for a cat or a dog. She's looking to the skies for her beloved Red-bellied parrot, Tiki.

"Yeah she's mostly gray," DiOrazio said. "And she's got a beautiful green on the bottom of her chest and everything. And she's tiny."

DiOrazio got her 20 years ago, after her husband died.

"I could yell at her and she'd have to yell back at me," DiOrazio said. "So if I got mad at something I would tell her."

Liz's granddaughter Jessica Harp has been helping search her neighborhood, Rutherford, and was there shortly after Tiki escaped out the side door.

"She went from the porch to this bush here and then she took off and flew to the tree down the street near Cambria," Harp said.

They tried calling Tiki's name for several hours, even climbed up a ladder to try and get her. But once it got dark, they couldn't see her anymore, and Tiki stopped responding. Now a cage sits outside of DiOrazio's home. As she wait and hopes for the best.

"When you don't have nothing," DiOrazio said. "No matter what kind of animal you have, they're you're pet.  So I hope we get her back."

If you happen to spot Tiki, please call Swatara Township at 717-564-2551, or Liz DiOrazio at 717-564-1189.

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