Slanted utility pole in York creating concern among drivers

YORK, Pa. -- If you’ve driven along West King and Dublin Streets in York lately, you may have noticed something a little off.

Some residents say a utility pole on the street is putting their safety on the line.

“It’s pretty terrible it’s looking like it’s going to fall any day now," said Jon Kilker, resident.

Kilker says he’s noticed the issue for about a year, however nothing has been done.

“That could be awful if someone gets trapped underneath there," he added. "It definitely doesn’t look safe.”

“It looks really crooked and it’s going under some buckling load and tipping over," said Roberto Andaya, engineer.

“That’s obviously a huge hazard for anyone driving by," he added.

FOX43 reached out to Met-Ed regarding the concerns with the pole.

A spokesperson there tells FOX43 that Met-Ed inspects every pole once every ten years. If it needs to be replaced, they will replace it or sometimes, if it can be better secured without replacing, they will do that instead.

Met-Ed officials are working to confirm if the pole is theirs or possibly shared with a phone company.

Officials there say the problem will be addressed if it is Met-Ed’s.

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