Reported rideshare impersonator in Derry Township was actually an Uber driver, police say

Mobile app Uber on a Apple iPhone XR

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. — A white Jeep Grand Cherokee that police received a report about Sunday for impersonating a Lyft rideshare and attempting to pick up passengers in Derry Township turned out to be with Uber, authorities said Tuesday.

Police received the report from a Lyft driver who was supposed to pick up two passengers early Sunday in the 100 block of West Chocolate Avenue. That driver advised that the Jeep stopped in front of him and pulled up to a woman who was half of his fare. He added that he overheard a conversation between the woman and driver of the Jeep, in which the driver told her he was the ride she requested and he gave her information about the rideshare, police said Sunday.

The Lyft driver also told police Sunday that a man was with the woman and he didn’t recognize the Jeep so he pulled her away from it. The two then got into the Lyft and left.

According to police, the now-identified Uber driver called the department after seeing that they were trying to identify him. He told police that he received and accepted a fare requested from the woman in the 100 block of West Chocolate Avenue. Police noted that the Uber driver had screenshot information to verify the request.

Police said Tuesday that there was either miscommunication between the two passengers when making the rideshare requests or they possibly made requests on purpose, in hopes that one service would arrive quicker than the other.

Police added that there was no criminal violation on the part of the Uber driver in the Jeep.

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