‘Way to go Nate. You beat the Mount Rose Project’: College grad celebrates in unique fashion

Recent college graduate Nate Krebs has more than one reason to celebrate.

His Penn State degree marks a personal win against PennDOT.

"We have an inside the house joke because this project was started before Nathan left for college," said Nate's mom Melinda.

Nate Krebs' father Marty surprised him with a custom sign in Springettsbury Township that read "Way to go Nate. You beat the Mount Rose Project." The electrical engineering major and former blue band member has been tasting victory since his graduation August 10th.

"Every semester I'd come back and it would be a running joke what would finish first, me or Mount Rose," said Nate Krebs.

The I-83 Mount Rose interchange project was supposed to be done in 2018. But, PennDOT and Cherry Hill construction company has since said it would not be complete until 2020.

"There'd be semesters where I'd come back and Mount Rose would look way different. Or, there'd be semesters where Mount Rose would look the same and I'd be way behind. But sure enough, I ended up beating them in the long run," said Nate Krebs.

The sign has since gone viral. However, Nate has not yet been recognized by strangers for his new celebrity status. However, he said if anyone has a job opening, including PennDOT, he's available for hire.

"I should just keep copies of my resume on hand in case I do get stopped," said Nate Krebs.

He adds, he hopes he finds that job before the Mount Rose project is finished.

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