Duo facing charges after allegedly stealing about $3,500 worth of clothing from The Children’s Place, Macy’s

Ranisha Hughes and Erica Auter

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa.– A duo is is accused of stealing about $3,500 worth of clothing from two stores in the Capital City Mall.

Ranisha Hughes, 27, and Erica Auter, 52, face charges of retail theft, conspiracy to commit retail theft, organized retail theft and corruption of minors for their role in the incidents, court documents show.

The alleged thefts were caught on surveillance video at two stores, The Children’s Place and Macy’s.

The first theft took place on July 13 at The Children’s Place.

Hughes, a Harrisburg resident, and a juvenile entered the store at 6:14 p.m., per surveillance video, with one thin American Eagle bag and a purse. They left 11 minutes later with two “very full” American Eagle bags, according to charging documents.

On July 19, Hughes and the same juvenile were observed walking into The Children’s Place with two thin American Eagle bags. It’s alleged that they took stacks of graphic tees and uniform pants without paying. Police note in the charging documents that the juvenile was carrying the bags of stolen clothes when they left.

The Children’s Place estimated that $2,835 was stolen in items: 80 graphic tees valued at $10.50 each and 100 uniform pants (all different sizes) valued at $19.95 a piece, charging documents state.

Police wrote in the charging documents that Auter, of Steelton, met up with the juvenile before going into the store with Hughes.

After Hughes and the juvenile left the store, they got into a vehicle and moved from the west side of Macy’s to the east side, where they — carrying no bags — entered Macy’s and met up with Auter, charging documents say.

The three individuals were seen in the women’s section of Adidas and Nike apparel. Surveillance video allegedly captured them picking out shirts, pants and other clothing items, and then ducking down behind a display rack as if they were concealing the merchandise in bags.

Hughes and the juvenile were observed carrying bags out of the section at 4:50 p.m. and then exiting the store into the parking lot a minute later.

The two then walked straight toward a van before shielding themselves by parked cars from an officer’s view, who was in a marked police car. Surveillance video showed the juvenile ducking beside and working her way around the vehicle so she could not be seen, it’s alleged.

The juvenile then went back inside to get Auter.

Macy’s says that approximately $710.50 worth of merchandise was stolen.

Hughes and Auter now face charges.

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