Spotty storms today, humid weekend with more storms possible

A few storms again this afternoon.

A very low threat of storms being severe today. Most, if not all, should be run-of-the-mill storms.

STORMS TODAY: A slightly less muggy morning start around 70-degrees again yields to partly-to-mostly cloudy skies in the afternoon. Highs reach the mid-80s. Spotty thunderstorms will develop in the afternoon. A few could be strong. Our western counties are technically in the most minimal of severe weather threat, barely. On a scale of 1-to-5, it’s a 1. However, expect mostly run-of-the-mill storms continuing into the evening time frame and potentially overnight as the stationary boundary nearby continues to lag over us heading into Friday.

A few storms again Friday.

HEADING INTO THE WEEKEND: The latest forecast guidance suggests our stationary boundary continues to hang around, which means our Friday thunderstorm chance rises a little bit. These will be off-and-on continuing from Thursday night into Friday morning and the early afternoon. A more organized threat moves in Saturday with highs just shy of 90-degrees. Heat index begins to be a factor again, into the mid-90s. A few storms could be strong but not expected to be severe as of now. Stay tuned for updates. Popcorn thunderstorms (develop very quickly, strong, slow-moving and dissipate quickly) begin to be the norm on Sunday with highs in the low-90s and heat index values in the mid-to-upper 90s.

Heat index values rise well into the 90s by the weekend.

STARTING NEXT WEEK: We keep the hot and humid air around for most of next week. Pop-up stray storms continue to be the norm with highs in the low-90s and morning lows rising into the low-to-mid 70s for mild, muggy and foggy mornings for the beginning half of next week. Stay hydrated and keep the FOX43 Weather App available for updates to your location.

Stay “Weather Smart” with the FOX43 Weather App all week long!

-Meteorologist Bradon Long

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