First-ever video gaming terminals at Rutter’s attracts crowds from across York County

MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa.  -- The first convenience store to have video gaming terminals in Pennsylvania is already proving to be a success.

Rutter's in Manchester Township is attracting crowds of people 24-hours a day to take a chance at winning the big bucks.

"For us it's fun you know we stoped in put in twenty bucks and see where it takes us, it's fun, it's challenging, let's see what happens," said Megan Ostrom.

Some people were even willing to wait in line for however long it took.

"I stood in line for ten minutes before getting onto a machine but I was waiting! I wanted to try it," said Linda Yohn. "I dropped $20 and came out with $30 so I am happy with that," she added.

Five machines are inside the room allowing people to play multiple games of chance.

The maximum wager is $5 and $1,000 maximum payout for each spin.

However, not everyone is into the idea of gaming at a convenience store.

"It just seems a little excessive in my eyes," said Brian Ganoe of York.

He says his biggest concern is for those who have a gambling addiction.

"Things have gotten out of hand with this you know everybody controls their self control, but I see people coming in with gas money they have to survive the week saying oh let's try to gamble it and see if I can make more," he added.

For those willing to take the risk responsibly, they say it's all about having fun.

"It gives you the moral I like and I'm a gambler so I love it!" said Kohn.

"My husband actually told me that I need to get a job so for this sole reason," said Ostrom, jokingly.

Rutter’s and Marquee by Penn,  which is a subsidiary of Penn National Gaming plan to open about ten more video gaming terminal rooms in 2019. 

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