A sizzling start to the work week, with record heat and a couple thunderstorms possible on Monday

Temperatures are back into the 90s on Monday with a couple thunderstorms possible.




Heat indices are in the lower to middle 90s Monday afternoon.

TOASTY START TO THE WEEK: The heat continues through the first half of the week! It’s a warm and stuffy start to Monday, with partly cloudy skies. There are a few areas of haze and fog too, but most shouldn’t see any issues.  The rest of Monday is hazy, hot, and humid. Skies are partly cloudy during the afternoon, but a couple showers or thunderstorms are possible once again during this time. Temperatures reach the lower to middle 90s, flirting with record heat. This depends on the timing and placement of any showers or storms that form. Heat indices are in the middle to upper 90s. It’s a warm and soupy overnight period, with lows dipping into the lower to middle 70s. Tuesday brings a bit of a better chance for some isolated showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon. There’s a small chance for stronger to severe storms, with damaging winds and areas of flooding as the primary threats. Temperatures are back into the 90s for many, with higher heat index values in the middle 90s. The next cold front crosses through the region Wednesday afternoon, bringing our best chance for more widespread showers and thunderstorms. It’s potent cold front, and it will bring a drastic chance in air mass once it passes through the region. There’s the chance for severe weather once again. In the meantime, temperatures likely still make it near, if not a little higher, than 90 degrees.




Cooler and less humid air starts to slip in later this week.

COOLING AND TURNING LESS HUMID: The cold front is slow to clear the region, so Thursday is still a bit unsettled. There’s the chance for showers and perhaps a few thunderstorms, especially during the first half of the day. Temperatures start to lower, falling from some 90s Wednesday to 80s on Thursday. Cooler and less humid air tries to work in behind the front, but how quickly it moves in depends on the timing of the front. There’s some indication the front could stay stalled nearby into Friday, keeping shower and storm chances in place. For the time being, we are siding with the more optimistic forecast. It brings partly sunny skies and breezy conditions for Friday, in addition to very comfortable humidity levels. Afternoon highs are in the upper 70s to lower 80s.



WEEKEND OUTLOOK: For now, most of the weekend is cool, with low humidity levels and pleasant conditions. Saturday is partly cloudy, and conditions feel quite comfortable. Temperatures are a bit below average too, with readings in the middle 70s to near 80 degrees! We’re still watching some small indications for lingering showers, but for now, those chances look very small. We’ll watch the trends and tweak the forecast if necessary. Sunday brings plenty of sunshine, with near or slightly below seasonal temperatures for this time of year. Readings are in the middle 70s to lower 80s. Humidity levels stay very comfortable.



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-Andrea Michaels




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