Planned stop sign removals in Harrisburg spark concern

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Some people in Harrisburg are hoping the city reconsiders plans to remove stop signs on North 3rd Street. A special city council meeting is for Tuesday on the issue.

"Leave the stop signs," said Joyce Vanderhorst-Gamble.

She and her three-year-old granddaughter walk along North 3rd Street often. She's not happy with the city's plans to remove stop signs along 3rd at Emerald, Kelker, Boyd and Harris Streets.

"You're supposed to feel safe walking the streets," said Vanderhorst-Gamble. "Not looking and dodging cars."

The city says the removal is part of Vision Zero, a plan to improve pedestrian safety. They say the stop signs will be removed because other traffic calming measures, like curb extensions, have been installed. Yet, Vanderhorst-Gamble worries without the stop signs, there will be more speeding.

"They'll do 60-70 [pmg] easy," said Vanderhorst-Gamble. "And it's a two way street."

What also upsets people living nearby is what they say is a lack of community from the city. They say, they found out the signs were going to be removed by signs places under the stop signs.

"I hope it [stop sign] stays," said Vanderhorst-Gamble. "Because it's our community! We should have a say."

The special city council meeting on the stop sign issue will be held Tuesday, August 20th at 5:30p.m. in city council chambers.

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