‘They’re absolutely living in hell’: 38 animals rescued from Adams County home

ADAMS COUNTY -- Thirty-eight animals are now recovering after being rescued from a home in Adams County.

Eastern Adams Regional Police and the Adams County SPCA Enforcement Officer  seized 23 dogs and a cat Saturday from a property on the 300 block of Mt. Misery Road. Fifteen more animals, investigators said, were signed over by the owner.

All of the animals were "in very bad condition," according to police. Adams County SPCA said all of the dogs are infested with fleas, parasites and tapeworms. The one cat that was rescued has ringworm.

Police said they obtained a search warrant for the property because the SPCA believed the property owner would become angry and not let them take the other dogs.

"What I see is a bunch of dogs asking for help," said Abigail Avery, Humane Officer. "They're absolutely living in hell."

Video posted by Adams County SPCA:

Police say they observed as the SPCA removed 23 dogs and a black cat from the property. A patrolman went inside the home and observed that living conditions were "very poor" and the house appeared to be unlivable, according to police.

The odor of dog feces and urine was pervasive inside the home, maggots were seen on the floor, and food was spilled everywhere, police said. The home's bathroom was also not working, according to police.

Police said they assisted the SPCA with removal of the animals, and made sure they were safe. The Oxford Township Code Enforcement Officer will be notified about the house and yard conditions, according to police.

Investigators said charges are pending against the owner of the animals, whom they identify as Deborah Friedline.

They believe some of the animals were being used in shows.

"These are pure bred dogs that they are showing. They're getting money for showing them. They're getting money for breeding them," said Avery.

The Adams County SPCA said all 38 animals are in need of medical care and cannot be adopted until health and legal issues are addressed. The 23 animals seized from the property will go before the court where a judge will determine if the animals are awarded to the SPCA or to the owner. Meantime, the 15 other animals that were signed over by the owner will be available after they receive medical treatment.

The Adams County SPCA is asking for donations to help fund the animals care.

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