Protest leads up to another Chick-fil-A proposal meeting; Planning Commission recommends another extension

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. -- A protest outside Prosser Hall in Camp Hill Tuesday led up to another Planning Commission meeting regarding a Chick-fil-A proposal on the corner of Chestnut and 32nd Streets.

Since December, people have expressed their displeasure with the project, citing traffic increases, pedestrian safety concerns, air quality and storm water runoff worries, to name a few.

Roy Hanson, a resident of Camp Hill, said a family-oriented or small business should talk over that corner.

He doesn't believe a high-volume restaurant fits the community.

"Any other business may be fine. Not with a drive-thru, not with 200 to 500 cars an hour, increasing the worst traffic intersection Camp Hill has," said Hanson.

Lynn Hackenberg, also a resident, added, "I don't see that it's any benefit to the community to put that on that corner."

During the meeting, though, the Planning Commission unanimously recommended another extension to developers, Consolidated Properties, so they can address additional comments about the plan, which were sent the night before.

"Whenever the borough is presented with an offer for an extension, the borough has the legal duty to act in good faith," said Camp Hill Solicitor Joshua Bonn.

The majority of residents in attendance weren't happy, including Jennifer Hoover, of Safe Streets Camp Hill.

"The developer is trying to put six gallons in a five gallon bucket," she said. "It will never work and we are wasting our time and money on both sides for this ridiculous futility," said Hoover.

Charlie Courtney with McNees Law Firm, representing Consolidated Properties, said they plan to submit another revised plan to the Planning Commission in the next month, leading up to their next scheduled meeting.

If the extension is approved by borough council on September 11, the deadline for borough to act on the proposal is November 13.

Bonn said if borough does not act on the proposal, it is automatically approved, as is.

Courtney said the continued extensions are "all part of the process."

He said the focus of the developer is to whittle down comments from the Planning Commission and get the proposal into a position for action by borough council.

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