York County 911 Center: Not privatizing

YORK, Pa. - York County leaders said they are looking to bring on an expert consultant to overhaul it's 911 center. The County has made it very clear they do not plan to privatize.

An audit back in January showed York County's 911 center needs to change how they manage municipalities, improve training systems and programs, and re-work their organizational chart.

The New Jersey-based company that completed that audit, IXP, is one of two firms that have submitted a proposal to the County, explaining why they are the most qualified to complete that overhaul.

"There needs to be more of a customer service approach to, 'how can we help you?' instead of saying, 'one size fits all from Dillsburg to Delta, Hanover to Wrightsville, it doesn't matter this is what you get'," Mark Walter, York County Public Information Officer, said.

That idea of customer service, the York City Police Chief said, is what the County needs.

"We have individual goals, daily goals, where that those components do not always mix," Chief Troy Bankert said. "So if we approach our partnerships through a customer service lens,  everybody tends to meet their goals. Everybody tends to be happier at the end of the day."

"The needs of Shrewsbury Volunteer Dire Department are different than the City's," Walters said. "These are two different places, geographically separated. They have different needs."

The decision to hire IXP has not been made, but County leaders have viewed them as the most qualified firm. The Commissioners wont make a final decision until their next public meeting on September 4th.

"I mean 911 services are the linchpin of public safety," Walters said "They function, and they function okay right now. There are certainly issues and they need to be improved."

If they decide to go with IXP, training could take 4-6 months. As for how much this is going to cost the County, that has not been discussed.

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