‘Ask Evan’: “Why is the airport in Harrisburg considered an international airport?”

This week's 'Ask Evan' question comes from Mac J.  Mac asks, "Evan, why is it called Harrisburg International Airport?  From what I can tell there are no international flights coming or going from HIA.  So why is it an international airport? Are there any customs officials like at other international airports?"

I reached out to HIA spokesman Scott Miller to track down your answer.  Here's what he told me.  Harrisburg International Airport is what is called an official U.S. port of entry airport-- meaning that with advance notice a small aircraft entering the U.S. directly from a foreign country can land at HIA and be met and processed by U.S. customs staff.

Typically, the international flights that are processed at HIA are corporate jets and private aircraft with usually less than 10 people on them.  HIA does not have a full-scale federal inspection services facility-- so handling large passenger aircraft landing from a foreign nation cannot be done at HIA unless there is a special circumstance.

Miller also says there are future plans to build such a facility-- but funding and potential staffing are issues.  Also, any aircraft can depart from HIA and fly to an international destination.

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