Owners of Adams County home where 38 dogs and a cat were seized charged with 39 counts of animal cruelty

ADAMS COUNTY -- The owners of an Adams County home where 38 animals were rescued earlier this month have been charged with 39 counts each of animal cruelty, according to a criminal complaint affidavit filed by the Adams County SPCA.

Deborah A. Friedline and Barry Friedline, both of the 300 block of Mt. Misery Road in New Oxford, were charged Monday, according to the criminal complaint.

The complaint states a humane officer with the Adams County SPCA received an anonymous call on August 16 reporting 20 dogs were seen in the front yard of the Friedlines' home, and the caller was worried about that many dogs living in a small house.

The humane officer reported to the home and spoke to the Friedlines, explaining she was there to perform a welfare check on any animals on the property. The humane officer could detect the strong odor of ammonia and feces emanating from the home, according to the complaint.

When asked how many dogs were in the home, Deborah Friedline allegedly said there were 20, the complaint states.

The humane officer observed 20 Chinese Crested dogs living in a fenced-in area in the front of the home, according to the complaint. The dogs' hair was matted and covered with feces, according to the complaint.

The officer asked Deborah Friedline if the dogs in the fenced-in area were the only ones in the home, and Deborah Friedline allegedly answered yes.

Another humane officer in training present at the scene then reported that she heard more dogs inside the home. The officer asked how many dogs were inside the home, and Friedline allegedly answered two, according to the complaint.

She agreed to let the humane society officer see the other dogs, the complaint says. There were 18 additional Chinese Crested dogs inside the home, according to the complaint. Most of the dogs were living in crates, and were covered with feces. The humane officer could not see any water available for the dogs to drink, according to the complaint.

Deborah Friedline allegedly told the humane officer that only two of the 38 dogs had current rabies vaccinations, and none of the dogs had current licenses, the complaint says.

The SPCA seized all 38 dogs and a black cat from the property.

An examination of the dogs determined they were infested with fleas, had sores on their skin, were suffering from anemia, and were infested by parasites, according to the complaint. All of the dogs were observed to be pale, weak, and were suffering from skin infections caused by their matted hair, the complaint says.

The humane officer stated in the complaint that the lack of medical treatment for the animals could cause extreme illness, weight loss, blindness, or death.

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