Rock Lititz plans big expansion; here’s what you need to know

WARWICK TOWNSHIP, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. -- A business campus which serves the live event industry is looking to grow.

Bands and artists, like Taylor Swift and Usher, have used rehearsal space at the Rock Lititz campus in Warwick Township, Lancaster County.

Now, developers want to build even more space for people in the live event industry.

Fields on the property are set to become the site of the construction project; the expansion will reportedly cost upwards of $30 million, according to Lancaster Online. 

“Based on the success of the collaboration we’ve seen between companies, as well as the time we’ve been using the rehearsal facility, we have decided to expand the campus," said Andrea Shirk, the general manager. “We started with one building and the demand kept growing, so now, we are going to have several buildings opening."

Currently, Rock Lititz plans to add four additional buildings total - two 'Pod' spaces or office buildings, a second, slightly smaller rehearsal studio, and a community theatre.

According to a press release, the Pod buildings will "lease space to businesses from throughout the country that see the advantage to working in proximity to its rehearsing clients and other businesses that serve the same industry. This 'industry cluster' model promotes interactions and personal relationships between people in different companies that build trust and facilitate the flow of unique industry and growth opportunities."

The studio will offer clients rehearsal space with similar amenities as Studio 1, including dressing rooms, production office and catering facilities, plus sound containment technology to ensure compliance to existing sound ordinances.

The theatre is an independent project headed by Michael Tait, founder and former CEO of TAIT Towers.

In the release, Tait said it will create an environment that supports new playwrights, actors, choreographers, dancer, composers, musicians, writers, and poets.

“I think it’s an awesome opportunity to really grow the arts locally and reach out to the local community that wants to put on productions but don’t have the space, so we’re really grateful to do that," added Shirk. "We are working very diligently on finalizing and securing the final leases. We do envision having an additional 200-250 on the campus, whether that is retention of existing jobs, moving people here from outside this community, or additional jobs, really depends on the mix of companies."

According to the release, the theatre is expected to seat approximately 265 people.

Shirk says they will build all four buildings at once, adding construction could start later this fall and will take between 12 and 18 months.

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