Caught on camera: A school bus and motorcycle collide in Lebanon County

SWATARA TOWNSHIP, LEBANON COUNTY, Pa. -- A crash involving a school bus and a motorcycle in Lebanon County is caught on camera.

Authorities say the motorcycle rider was taken to Hershey Medical Center.

It's a story you will only see on FOX43.

Pennsylvania State Police found out about the video when FOX43 asked about it.

As for the driver who captured it, after witnessing the crash, he says he did what he was trained to do.

Brett McCoy's dashboard camera is recording as a school bus and motorcycle collide on Thompson Avenue in Swatara Township.

"My first thought was, 'that guy is messed up!' and then, I grabbed my medical kit off my backpack, and I just ran up there," said McCoy of Lititz.

Video shows Brett McCoy running to the driver.

He works in security now, but his past training came in handy.

"I used to be in the Marines. So, I have, like, combat life saver training. It's mostly for bullet wounds, but it works," explained McCoy.

He keeps a special kit in his car at all times.

"Basically, you can pull the red tab, and it opens up like that. It has got everything from tourniquets, combat gauze," he added.

He says he put that gauze on the 29-year-old rider's head wound.

"At first, he was mumbling a lot, and like couldn't make any coherent words, which is bad. He probably asked me why he couldn't see out of his eye four or five times. I was like, 'I got gauze on your eye buddy. You're doing okay.' So he asked that four or five times, and he kept asking what happened, and I was just like, 'you hit a bus...'" said McCoy.

According to Pennsylvania State Police, the bus driver, a 46-year-old woman from Annville, and four students on board at the time are okay.

The bus belongs to D.B. Fisher Transportation; the driver was taking students to Annville-Cleona Secondary School.

At this time, troopers have not clarified who is at fault; they say the woman was turning the bus around when the motorcycle came down the hill.

"I have actually come down that hill before, and there is an electrical truck working on power lines, and I didn't even see him until I saw his cone, and I had to slam on the breaks to stop before I hit him," said McCoy. "It is pretty important to have basic medical training and have medical supplies in your car."

Officials with the transportation company told us they have no comment.

A spokeswoman for Annville-Cleona School District said they do not know if the bus driver was cited or her status with D.B. Fisher Transportation.

Now that they have video of the crash, Pennsylvania State Police say a detective will be taking a closer look.

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