Preliminary hearing scheduled for man accused of beating and killing a 77-year-old man

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. -- A preliminary hearing is scheduled Thursday, for a man accused of beating and killing an elderly Dauphin County man.

30-year-old Richard Hudgins was denied bail, and is facing charges of criminal homicide and robbery. This comes after officers say he beat Larry Buffenmeyer Sr., a 77-year-old man to death.

According to State Police Hudgins was buying prescription drugs from the 77-year-old outside of his home in East Hanover Township. However, when Buffenmeyer asked Hudgins to pay police says he beat him, and stole his car, before he fled the scene.

According to a criminal complaint, during the beating-- Hudgins got into the car, put it in reverse, and then pulled forward. That's when the front end of the vehicle hit Buffenmeyers head.

Authorities say they found text messages between the two, which made Hudgins a person of interest.

The stolen Equinox was later recovered in Lebanon County.

The Criminal Complaint says blood transfer evidence was observed in plain view on the front hood of the car, the rear hatch, and both the driver and passenger side doors.

Hudgins hearing is scheduled for 1:30 p.m., on Thursday.

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