Blue-green algae confirmed at Frances Slocum State Park in Luzerne County

LUZERNE COUNTY, Pa. — An algae that can result in serious illness or death for dogs has been confirmed at the lake in Luzerne County’s Frances Slocum State Park, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

It goes by the name of cyanobacteria blooms, but is often called blue-green algae.

Dogs shouldn’t drink or swim in the water, the state department says. But if they do, immediately wash them with clean water.

Symptoms of cyanobacteria poisoning include loss of energy, loss of appetite, vomiting, stumbling/falling, foaming at the mouth, diarrhea, convulsions, excessive drooling, tremors or any other unexplained sickness within a day after being in contact with the water, the state department says.

The veterinarian should be called immediately if your dog shows any of the symptoms above.

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