Harrisburg Police identify shooting victim, mother seeks answers

HARRISBURG -- Bethany Waiwada says her biggest issue is she doesn't understand what happened to her son.

She said the hardest thing she's ever had to do is sit at a funeral home and speak with them about how she wants to bury him.

“I don’t wish this on my worst enemy. When we get old, we’re supposed to die. We’re not supposed to die when we’re young," said Waiwada.

Harrisburg Police say they found Kyler Waiwada, 18, shot to death at the rear of a house on the 1800 block of State Street around 8:15 Friday night.

“I’d be ok if my baby was in a car wreck or something like that. I’m not ok that my baby was laying in the middle of an alleyway. I’m not ok that somebody did that to him," said Waiwada.

Investigators say they have no one in custody and an investigation into the shooting is on-going.

Waiwada said Kyler turned 18 on June 11, describing him as a respectful, fun-loving jokester who was wise beyond his years.

She said she's scared she'll never know what led to his death.

“I want everybody to care like if it was theirs, that’s what I want," said Waiwada.

Waiwada said she believes the Harrisburg community has become "lost" and disconnected.

She said she worries young men are missing father figures to help raise them.

She's concerned with teenager resorting to violence in the city.

“These babies didn’t get a right to vote yet, there’s a major election and they're not here. They didn’t get life. My baby didn’t get a license. He didn’t get his first drink in a bar. He didn’t get a baby, he didn’t get a wife, he didn’t get to see his brother and sisters grow up. This isn’t a game that we’re playing out here with these guns. This is real life. This isn’t a game. You can’t bring life back,” said Waiwada.

Friends of the family have since set up an online fundraiser on GoFundMe to help the Waiwada family pay for funeral expenses.

A link to that page can be found here.

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