Former high school teacher who pleaded guilty to indecent assault gets 2 years probation

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. — A former teacher at Lower Dauphin High School who pleaded guilty in May to indecent assault without consent of others was sentenced Tuesday to two years probation, the Dauphin County District Attorney’s Office confirms to FOX43.

PennLive was first to report the news.

The charge of indecent assault without consent of others stemmed from John Butler’s inappropriate contact with a student in the spring of 2017 when he pushed the student up against a wall and kissed her, and then began flirting with her a few weeks later, telling her that she had a “nice butt,” charging documents said.

The student, who had Butler as a history teacher, was approached by him in December 2016 after she returned to school. He advised that he would offer to listen to her if she ever needed to talk.

According to charging documents, the student visited Butler’s classroom over the next few months when she was upset and angry and they talked.

That turned inappropriate in April 2017, when Butler gave the student a hug and kiss on the cheek during one of the meetings. At that time, the student had been fighting with her boyfriend and she went to talk to Butler because she was upset, charging documents said.

About a week later, the student was in his classroom upset and he told her that she was “too pretty for this,” adding that he had something to tell her but he couldn’t take it back. That’s when Butler pushed the student up against a wall and kissed her, in which she¬† said that wasn’t OK.

The student then avoided going to Butler’s planning period or his class.

After things calmed down a few weeks later, the student began to talk to Butler again, but he was then flirting with her.

Butler pleaded guilty to indecent assault without consent of others in May. He was sentenced Tuesday.

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