Lancaster Township man sentenced to spend up to 132 years in prison for sexual abuse, torture, and imprisonment of four children

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa.– A Lancaster Township man was sentenced to serve up to 132 years in prison for the sexual abuse, torture, and imprisonments of four children.

Donald Moyer, 64, was sentenced to 56-132 years in prison on Monday, two months after he was convicted of 25 charges at trial, including rape of a child, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child, and false imprisonment.

In court, Assistant District Attorney Fritz Haverstick told jurors that the victims suffered in a “living hell,” often times being locked in a room for extended periods and then raped by Moyer.

In some incidents, Haverstick said that Moyer sexually absued the children as punishment.

One of the victims reported taking food from a refrigerator because they were hungry, and Moyer responded by beating the child and taking them into a room where they were sexually assaulted.

Moyer called Haverstick a liar and claimed he did not beat or starve the children. “And I didn’t do sex stuff either,” he told the judge.

A school principal testified at trial that the children often attended classes dirty and starving. Witnesses testified that the refrigerator at the home often had a lock on it; there were numerous locks throughout the home.

In a sentencing memo filed with President Judge Dennis Reinaker, ADA Haverstick outlined a number of aggravating factors to include:

– Mental capacity of the victims: They have IQs ranging from 48 to 71.

– Unusual cruelty:

The victims were beaten with weapons, locked in rooms and starved.

– Repeated abuse: One victim testified the abuse happened “too often to count.”

– Intimidation: The children were threatened further abuse if they disclosed what happened.

– Lack of remorse: As the jury exited the courtroom after rendering a verdict, Moyer shouted, “It’s not true!”

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