West Manchester Township Police: Woman was driving under the influence with child in car

YORK COUNTY — A 31-year-old York County woman was charged with DUI and endangering the welfare of a child after police say she was caught driving drunk with a young child in the car, according to West Manchester Township Police.

Carrie Nicole Johnson was stopped by police on July 12 after an officer spotted her driving a tan Chevrolet Impala without inspection stickers and pulled her over in a Rutter’s parking lot on Bannister Street, police say.

Johnson told the officer she could not produce a registration or insurance card for her vehicle, according to police. She also had a young child that was not properly secured in a safety seat in the back seat of her car, police say.

The officer observed that Johnson was acting in a nervous, animated manner and asked her to perform a series of field sobriety tests, police say. Johnson complied, but showed signs of impairment during the tests and was taken into custody.

Johnson was transported to the West Manchester Township Police Department, where she was evaluated by a Drug Recognition Officer at 12:57 p.m., police say. The DRO concluded Johnson was impaired by a stimulant and was therefore incapable of safe driving.

Police say they then asked Johnson if she would consent to a blood test, and she complied.

The test confirmed Johnson was under the influence of amphetamine at the time of the blood draw, police say. Johnson was charged when the test results were returned to police.

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