2019 Harrisburg Mural Festival

HARRISBURG, Pa. - The City is about to get more colorful!

Sprocket Mural Works, a non-profit organization, is inspiring and uplifting the City through art at this year's Harrisburg Mural Festival. Dozens of artists of all ages painted 14 new murals that will coat the walls of homes throughout the neighborhood. The festival commemorates the grand new total of 40 murals in the City. A mural run also took place for people to tour the paintings that are brightening buildings.

Organizers said the community paint day is an opportunity for people to make a mark on the city.

"Right now those homes have nothing going on," Lissa Richards, an organizer, said. "They're just eye sores, and this helps to not only brighten our community, but also expose people to art who may not see the art in other places."

Sprocket will be holding a closing block party in front of the Capitol to celebrate all of the people who contributed to the mural.

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