York Fair’s ‘Shoo Fly Pie Place’ ham sandwiches a crowd favorite for last 66 years

YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- There are hundreds of food vendors to choose from here at the York Fair, but at Shoo Fly Pie Place fair, there’s a special something that’s been a crowd favorite for more than half a century.

"I think one time we sold about 75 sandwiches in about a half hour," said Jim Flaharty, owner of Shoo Fly Pie Place.

Jim Flaharty says he grew up working at the York Fair as a kid making sandwiches at his mom and dad’s food stand in 1953.

The shop was then called Bob and Minn's.

"It taught me how to be responsible and take care of customers," said Flaharty. "My dad used to say the customer is always right and a customer always comes first," he added.

The family later started selling Shoo Fly Pies, a popular treat in the Lancaster County area -- hence the new name of the business.

However, it’s their ham sandwiches that keep people coming back each year for more.

"It’s very good, it’s very fresh, it’s not salty, it’s delicious!" said Patty Gianzanti of York.

Flaharty says his father was always particular about the ham that they would get and the way it was seasoned.

To this date, he continues that tradition.

"My dad used to say Jimmy, take your time and cut the ham, and when people walk by their mouth is going to water and they’re just going to want a ham sandwich!” he added.

Those who have grown up in the York area and go to the fair each year say Flaharty's ham sandwiches are like no other.

"Nothing compares to their ham and cheese sandwiches," said Tanni Stumpf. "I come here every year!” he added.

The vendors newest addition this year is homemade ice cream cones.

“We’re making waffle cones, tradition from years ago," added Flaharty.

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