Behind the pens at the York Fair: The women who deliver the “kids”

WEST MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- There is plenty of food and fun for the family this week at the York Fair.

Speaking of families, some at the fair have only grown.

Some of the softest babies take their first steps inside the pens inside the arena at the fair.

"She is so soft. She is so precious," said Cora Bubb of York County. "She loves the attention."

The Birthing Center is a fan favorite.

"I love animals so much!" exclaimed Marley Kappes.

"She loves animals and holding them and being able to pet them," explained Sue Kappes, Marley's grandmother.

It only gets more crowded inside the arena when the females have those babies.

"Crowds get pretty hectic. People want to get as close as they can to the action!" explained Bubb.

Bubb is paid to be behind the gate, along with her mom and two sisters.

They have got plenty of experience delivering animals on their family's farm in York County.

"They were looking for somebody who knew something about animals, so when they opened the birthing center, I came in," said Jennifer Bubb.

More often than not, their primary job is to keep the crowds at bay, answer lots of questions, and wait.

"Sometimes, they have a quick labor or sometimes it takes forever," stated Bubb.

"It is amazing to see some of the kids who don't know if it's a cow or a horse. They don't know what some of the animals are," explained Jennifer Bubb, Cora's mother.

"I had a man yesterday in his 80's, and he said he grew up in the city, and he didn't know what the animals were. He didn't know if it was a goat or a sheep or a cow or a horse!" added Bubb.

They have delivered a few 'kids' already, and Tater Tots, a 700-pound pig, went into labor Sunday night.

In all, it is the family's 9th year helping out at the fair, and it's been a positive experience, to say the least.

"How can you have hate when you're around these babies!?" exclaimed Bubb.

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