Proposed changes to Manheim Township zoning ordinance regarding gun shops and signage

MANHEIM TWP., Lancaster County -- A Lancaster County School is asking for changes to a zoning ordinance regarding gun shops and gun signage.

Representatives of Lancaster Country Day School proposed two amendments to Manheim Township Commissioners: 1) preventing gun shops from opening within a thousand feet of schools. 2) preventing public signage or images of firearms advertising the sale of guns in that same radius, calling it a "bumper zone."

Some opponents believe the changes would infringe on free speech. Supporters said they're just trying to create a safe environment and minimize any psychological impacts the gun signs could have.

"It's specifically designed so as not to interfere with our residents' second amendment rights," Joshua Cohen, an attorney, said. "This is not a gun control measure. This is a measure designed to create a safer learning environment in our schools."

"What I've heard, is a lot about feelings," Howard Horn, a resident, said. "And I don't understand what compelling reason the Township might have in order to protect the feelings of a small group or whatever size group of it's citizens."

No word on when the commissioners will vote on the proposed changes, but the soonest it could happen is at their next meeting in two weeks.

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