Hearing held on legislation to repeal PLCB’s flexible pricing

HARRISBURG, Pa. - The State House Liquor Control Committee held a hearing Tuesday to discuss repealing the board's pricing authority. It's also known as flexible pricing, and was put in place years ago to allow the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to raise and discount priced where they see fit.

The legislation proposed by State Rep. Jesse Topper will repeal flexible pricing and reinstate the proportional pricing formula, which supporters say offers a level of protection for consumers. Rep. Topper says the current model has not led to lower prices for consumers, nor has it increased revenues for the state.

Yet, flexible pricing supporters claim the opposite.

“I firmly believe that if Pennsylvania’s prices were out of line, not only with neighboring states, but with other states across the country," said Wendell Young, United Food and Commercial Workers President. "You would have been buried in paper over the last 10 years showing that.”

In this upcoming legislative session, the proposal would need to be voted out of committee before being voted on bu the general assembly.

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