Sunday hunting debated in State House hearing

HARRISBURG, Pa. - The House Game and Fisheries Committee held a hearing to discuss Sunday hunting, which is currently illegal in the state. The Senate passed legislation in June to allow three days of Sunday hunting each year, but it will still need to be passed by the House.

The Keystone Trails Association and PA Farm Bureau testified against Sunday hunting at the hearing. Keystone Trails voiced concerns over safety for hikers in the state, and believes hunters mistaking hikers as game will only increase if Sunday hunting is allowed. The PA Farm Bureau says it can't support Sunday hunting if it doesn't include stronger trespassing penalties, and rules for hunting on private property with written permission only.

“We continue to hear stories of frustration from our members who are finding game cameras and hunting blinds put on their property without permission," said Darrin Youker, PA Farm Bureau State Government Affairs Director. "And that’s the kind of situation that continues to sour land owners on trespassing and our state’s, so far, inability to properly address it.”

The PA Federation of Sportsmen and Conservationist and National Rifle Association both voiced support of Sunday hunting, believing it will increase state revenue, bring more visitors to the state, and get more people interested in hunting.

“Other outdoor activities are allowed on Sundays including those that take place on private and public properties, such as fishing, hiking and golf," said David Weber, National Rifle Association Pennsylvania State Director. "Restrictions on Sunday hunting treat hunters as second class citizens.”

Sunday hunting legislation will need to be voted out of committee before it can go to the House floor for a full vote.

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