YORK FAIR: Fire department staffed by York County firefighters

WEST MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Something people may not notice between the food, rides and animals at the York Fair is that it has it's own fire department. It's staffed by firefighters from all over York County.

The fire department was built back in the 1940's. It's run by a staff of 14 firefighters from different departments across York County, and there are always 4 people on duty. Every day they go out and inspect food stands, check on the fire extinguishers, and make sure there are no safety issues. They have quick response units and are able to help EMS, firefighters we talked to say their favorite job is interacting with people.

"We have great public relations here," Chief Roy Gentzler, of the York Fair Fire Department Station 51, said. "You can see the unit sits outside and that's because we invite any children that happen to come by, take a look at our units, sit in our units, and we try always to promote that we have some giveaways for the children when they come see us."

Fortunately, firefighters said there haven't been any major incidents for several years. During the remaining weeks of the year, the fairgrounds are protected by the West Manchester Fire Department.

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