Seniors at Central York High School helping classmates remember 9/11, placing 2,977 flags on school grounds

YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Two seniors at Central York High School created a project for the 18th Anniversary of 9/11, to help their classmates never forget what happened that day.

The 18th Anniversary of the terror attacks marks the first graduating class to be born after 9/11.

On Tuesday the Chairman of the Young Americans Freedom Chapter, Clayton Brosend and the Vice Chairman Madeline Brodbeck, placed 2,9770 flags on their school grounds. Each flag representing a life lost 18 years ago.

This is all part of their 9/11: Never Forget Project. The two seniors co-founded the American Freedom Chapter at Central York High School. They are working with their classmates and teachers to make sure the next generation of students never forget 9/11.

"My class is the first graduating class, that wasn't born at the time of 9/11. We feel that its our duty really to do something to remember," says Brosend.

He says growing up his parents talked about what happened, and teachers spoke with students about their personal experience but its never in the curriculum.

The flags are in display in front of the school for a few days, and Brodbeck says it was emotional to see how many students took notice of what they did.

"It was unreal, even this morning someone stopped by and their tears were pouring down their face and it's just so humbling to know that we can help people so much," says Brodbeck.

Both of them say the significance of 9/11 is so important, while honoring all who lost their lives. They hope schools will work with teachers to incorporate September 11 in theirĀ  curriculum.

All of the flags were donated by American Legion Post 799, and will be on display at the high school until Thursday evening.

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