Step by step, honoring the 343 firefighters who lost their lives on 9/11

SUSQUEHANNA TOWNSHIP, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. - People in Dauphin County honored those who were killed in the 2001 terrorist attacks by taking one step at a time.

In 100lbs of firefighter gear, people went up and down stairs 153 times.

"It's humbling to see what they went through," said Nicole Harris.

People like Harris, an EMT of nine years, did this stair climb to remember the 343 firefighters who died on September 11th.

"You could really feel and start to think about what they went through," said Harris. "And the fact they had fire around them, in a building full of people panicking."

It took about an hour and a half to climb a total of 1,980 steps, the same number as the World Trade Center in New York. Through sweat and exhaustion, Harris says the climb was bigger than her. It was about leaving no man behind, and in this case, no family.

"It's the family's that need support more than anything this day," said Harris. "The least I can do is walk in their footsteps for them."

This climb was organized through a partnership between Progress Fire Department and Crunch Fitness in Dauphin County. For Lt. Jordan Linhart, this day was somewhat personal. His dad was a firefighter in Virginia and was supposed to be at the Pentagon the day of the attacks, but was diverted to another call.

"I was real worried that day," said Lt. Linhart.

As he walks the stairs, he remembers the 343 who didn't make it out, but also the people, like his father, ready and willing to help out where needed.

"The world stopped that day but calls don't stop people still have medical emergencies, so the guys that did go into work that day, they're just as big of heroes as the ones who didn't make it."

Progress Fire Company plans to do this stair climb every 9/11.

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